About Us

How It All Began

Damian’s love of cooking was born in Mexico, where he watched his mom cook for customers at their family restaurant. That moment made such an impression on him that it became clear this would be both lucrative but also fun! -Our chef/co owner has been hooked ever since.-

When Damian moved back to the states, he ended up cooking for different restaurants. One of these places was called Taquito Bite and there he met a lovely lady named Leonor who would become his mother-in law as well as help him grow spiritually in God’s eyes! She would always tell him that he needed to share his food with the world and pursue his dream.

Everyone was always encouraging him to open up a food truck. Unfortunately, in the winter of 2020 Leonor passed away from COVID. About 2 months later, Damian and his brother-in-law, Eddie, decided to open a food truck in her memory with the goal of continuing her legacy with the way she would always make you feel welcome and at home. That’s what our slogan represents: “Sin Amor, No Hay Sabor!”. What was once a dream became a reality in September of 2021 Tacos El Primo opened the windows of their food truck. We don’t know what the future holds for us but just know that at Tacos El Primo the food is made and served with love. !Buen provecho!